Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 30 September 2014

Taking Stock

Making : A sock, a blck cardigan, cross stitching
Cooking : not a lot - little food in the house!
Drinking : endless cups of tea (Brisbane breakfast - very mango-ish)
Reading: university notes (depserate to read "The Rosie Effect")
Wanting: to be stress free
Looking: at the Orla Kiely website
Playing: with DMC threads
Deciding: which mock esay to write next
Wishing: Novmeber 6 was here (day after exam and kid's birthday)
Enjoying: the hols
Waiting: for all 3 boys to wake up
Liking: the school hols
Wondering: what Term 4 will bring
Loving: school hols
Pondering: how to make myslef more motivated
Considering: what Orla Kiely items to buy
Watching: the trees
Hoping: i get motivated to study
Marvelling: how easy kids ar entertained in front of a screen....(not good)
Needing: more time
Smelling: soap form Castlemaine, VIC
Wearing: home made pjs
Following: new blogs
Noticing: spring arriving
Knowing: not much university wise
Thinking: how to get everything done
Admiring: hte husband cooking night after night...
Sorting: boys bedrooms
Buying: littlest VISA bill in months :) - not buying much at all
Getting: slowly through a holiday list
Bookmarking: new blogs
Disliking: little movitvation
Opening: groovy and fun mail
Giggling: at children
Feeling: exahausted
Snacking: ripper chutney made by a friend with cheese and crackers
Coveting: Orla Kiely
Wishing: November 6 was here
Helping: no-one much at all
Hearing: drums from a bedroom

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  1. Ohhhh, Orla Kiely - now you know how I feel about that subject. Looking forward to seeing what you buy. Enjoy the school holidays xo