Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 27 October 2014

Getting My Craft On

I had to go to Spotlight today to get some black buttons for a cardigan, that was finished weeks ago...
On the spur of the moment, seeing that it was 40% off all fabric, I bought some Halloween-ish colour fabric to make some bunting for the library, for a spooky book display, and also for a couple of great teacher's classrooms. I found ONE Halloween fat quarter and then chose gingham and plain orange and black. I think halloween is getting bigger and bigger each year - we don't celebrate it as a family (totally banned at the youngest's school - the word is banned too, but i am sure lots do participate, but we are in a different neighbourhood to the school) - but I am happy to decorate at school for it.
It is now all cut up ready to sew during lunchtimes this week, around 40-50 students hanging out in the library. :)

I also found 4 panels of Hungry Caterpillar fabric for $10 - I will make 4 cushions out of that! Bargain. And chose some fabric to make Christmas bunting -  I have a huge pile of Christmas books stockpiled for the next display.

My next cross stitch project is ready to go too...

And found some extra balls of wool (2ply) to match the ones I bought in Rotorua - I was thinking 100 grams is fab for socks and picked up only one ball of each... thankfully I found the same batch numbers up here to make the 4 play needed. Then promptly came home and casted on another parir of socks which I can easily knit while attempting to memorise... LOVE the wool - just not too sure I am liking how it is knitting up. One photo taken outside earlier and the other one is inside minutes ago - the wool looks quite different in the different light.

Counting down days till I can craft and not feel guilty....


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