Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Lazy summer days

We are being very lazy here. Glorious warm sunny days. Day after day. I like staying home day after day. Teens are sleeping for hours (if not disappering to mates houses, Waiheke island day trips, movies with mates, wandering around shopping centres with mates...). The parents are reading, writing, studying, sorting out the house, piling up stuff to go by the front door, a tiny bit of Boxing Day shopping (much needed sun safe rash tops, some sweet Kikki K Christmas bargains, books - always books - for school at very very cheap prices).
Loving it. Slow long lunches with home made bread rolls and left over ham, home made chutneys. BBQs for dinner. A ton of washing hung out side every day. One full on veg garden which is booming with the hot weather and wet humid weather we had just before Christmas.
And then sweet, sweet Christmas gifts - a good pile of books (every kiwi should own "Tangata Whenua" - it is a GEM and brilliant for my next essay), a divine Karen Walker daisy necklace,
T2 Auckland tea (loving with a hint of kiwifruit), gorgeous stationery, pillowcases which I adore (dashes from Cotton On Kids, oooh - Kia Ora Sunshine which I LOVE, and an Orla Kiely pair from Collected ). I am ga-ga over the huge canvas of the geology of NZ too - we bought for the teenager who is a geography/map fanatic BUT it had to go in the lounge, as i kinda like, no LOVE, it too...
And there has been A LOT of knitting. (there really should have been A LOT more study done - I am weeks behind...). This knitting was supposed to be started for our summer road trip, but in 4 days, I have nearly finished it....   ....
I will knit another one but in a different colour on the road trip I think, as it is a fab pattern and something I will wear a lot.
Hoping everyone is having relaxing, stress free days between Christmas and the New Year (no parties or invitiations here - we are old and boring!).


  1. No you didn't!!!! Do I spy an Orla Kiely bed cover? xo

    1. Hee hee. Only the pillowcases. I baulked at the NZ price of duvet set ($270 but only £90 in the UK). S was going to buy me the tins too but i am trying to be restrained. One day i will do a mail order from the UK. I want some of the pottery too...

    2. I want the tins too, they are on my wish list for my Birthday xo

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