Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 30 December 2014

the five day cardigan

I have been working on my next university essay I promise. I have really been working very hard on a cardigan. So hard that it was started and finished in 5 days (and not knitting all day long either).
I think it might be my most favourite thing I have ever knitted. An easy pattern, using wool in my stash. And it only took 300 grams which is fab and at $3 a ball from a Knit World sale a couple of years back, came in at the grand total of $18.00 which is amazing! I have started another one too in a different colour... I used an 8 ply and dropped half a needle size too.

Bit mortified at the grey hair and my tummy but anyhow... (I do like my $33.63 dress bought from Esprit the other day).

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  1. Love the cardigan, and it's so nice to see the very friendly face of the person who sent me my Christmas Swap! (Hello!) I will be blogging my lovely swap in the next day or two, just getting back into blogging gear after Christmas. X