Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 5 January 2015

30 goals for 2015

A scorcher today in Eastland. The freezing cold water at Waikanae Beach saved me. Thankfully a lot cooler now, so I can sleep a lot better than the past few nights.

My 30 goals for 2015 - linking in with Sophie -

* pass 2 university papers at least (I've done 3 this past year)
* visit Chirstchurch twice (one trip for school library conference)
* visit Dunedin
* visit Queenstown
* shop locally
* buy more from Felt for gifts
* buy more books
* keep vege garden going
* keep up with letter writing
* make more preserves, marmalade,lemon honey (rest of jam tastes gone since tonsils out nearly 2 years ago)
* scrapbook more
* cross stitch more
* knit more for other people (2 orders for cardigans already this year)
* do more school library outreach
* keep the house a lot more tidier
* de-clutter once again
* design and build new kitchen
* paint inside / new carpet in bedrooms
* blog more
* catch up with friends more
* wake up and get up earlier in the mornings (this will be hard...)
* cook more dinners (husband's "job")
* help guide 2 kids into 2 new schools (one will get a fright...)
* cut the grocery bill
* use more natural products for cleaning
* finish quilt
* visit local family more
* do more local sightseeing
* spend a few weekends away with the husband
*live a lot more simply

photo taken today at Ohiwa Oyster Farm


  1. Sounds lovely, I love that buy more books is on your list - I'm going to add that to mine too xxx

  2. I feel breathless just reading your list of goals for 2015! Great variety and ambition, love it! X