Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 25 January 2015

the bedroom floor

Oh YES. Here we go again. The bedroom floor! This is what happens when all day long you are writing notes, and memorising said notes, while you knit OF COURSE!

There are study notes that need to be better sorted (and that involves a trip to the shops to get plastic sleeves or bulldog clips and quite frankly, I AM doing my best to stay away. I did go for a walk on Friday evening around the shopping centre and spent a grand total of $36 on these pretty pillowcases-  and

UM. That might make it 10 or so new ones since Christmas including 2-3 pairs for Christmas too.),
magazines (trying, trying not to buy any...), wool, knitting of 2 sorts, wool basket, books, shoes, Auckland City Counil nonsense about the 10 year plan, of which I will be putting a submission in. (My rates have already gone up by 74% in 3 years due to our addtion, so we were not able to get the cap that most other ratepayers got... and with our massive new valuation, let us watch them skyrocket again this July... not happy), and just STUFF.

What is your floor like? I am terribly afraid that when it comes to craming time, everything is ignored, everything. Even children... (old enough to look after themselves...). I do have to help organise the youngest school books for him. The fab husband cooks dinner night after night. I do laundry as I love doing it, but that is it...

Do you come to a roaring halt for anything in your life? I think creative people can be messy anyhow - waht do you think?

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  1. in my mind you can be creative OR tidy and I choose creative every day - love that random sandal with no partner!! :o) xx