Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Another Scout mum just asked me what exciting things have been happening in my life ... I told her I had just cleaned our bathroom floor... that really is about the level of excitement around here folks!

The youngest does get invested into scouts tonight - considering I used to be a leader, he has been hanging around that den since he was about 2 years old!

We've survived a term with the same child navigating year 7 at a very academic school. That has been A LOT of hard work for us all. The 3rd one to give up on Spanish, which is totally un-acceptable to the school. I'm not dealing with trying to deal with that...

The other one has navigated high school pretty well and just gotten on with stuff. Must say I virtually ignore that school and whatever may be happening there...I trust the kid to do all his school work/homework and I turn up twice a year to interviews and that is the sum involvement.

I am attempting to save money and use up everything in the house from wool to stationery to bathroom stuff. Except winter uniforms need to be bought, scout camping stuff, curtains, possibly a new fridge/freezer - it never ends.

I am pretty settled at school and working a lot of un-paid hours; had IT stuff sorted; would dearly love to drop my other school board stuff, but being one school board member down currently would not go down well...

Think I have sussed out university workloads finally with this 5th paper - sheesh - and enrolled for semester two with a "Medieval Women" paper - not my thing, but this is the last compulsory paper I have to do...

Think I should get out and about more and be more social... I just want to knit lately!

Saw "our" television commercial on the actual tv last night - tres exciting!

Love this new dishcloth knitted in one sitting at the bach yesterday -

And that's the news folks. Better quiet than a drama I think!


  1. My Mr B is a Scout leader also .. .. .. I admire parents that volunteer their time for community and for their children.
    Lovely knitting !

  2. Fun to see your house in the ad! Sounds like a busy term already!

  3. You always sound so busy Kimberly! Fun to see your house on TV! X