Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 22 August 2015

12 days

This is the 12 days to knit and $22.50 worth of wool, cardigan. It is a Ramona and knitted in Spotlight's 4 seasons pure 100% Australian 8ply wool. I need to find some buttons and probably give it a bit of a block, but am pretty pleased with it.
The pattern did call for 10ply, but I'm a loose knitter and also went down two needle sizes... I just might have to cast on another one. I will sew some buttons on (that might take weeks if I do not have any here as a button shop is 20 or so minutes drive away and I am far too lazy at the moment!)

I am also very stuffed up with a cold, cold and wheezy and the husband said I snored all night long - ha!

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