Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 10 August 2015

City and Sea

Saturday saw us on the other side of the city at a soccer game. While the practice at 8am went on, we ran down to a beach and did a big walk before the game started an hour later.
I love these pics taken from the car while driving back over the harbour bridge.
Tonight is freezing, with so much hail it looks like snow and heavy driving rain and incredible thunder.  I'm sitting in bed knitting and have been bought a huge cup of soup. One kid has tonsilitis. I may have a VERY rare day off school to look after him tomorrow.

** I cancelled the swap, as I decided it possibly was a bit lame**. Thinking of another one - I do like my country swap, so possibly may do that one again.

Stay warm! (oh for a summer - anywhere!)

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  1. Oh for a summer ! You are so right there Kimberley. Hope it's not tonsillitis but just a sore throat, tonsillitis is just horrible. X