Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 16 August 2015

knitting/ sock giveaway winner!

I have been knitting A LOT these past few weeks. At morning tea and lunch at school too. People love "our" corner of the staff room, as 4 knitters congregate every day and ooh and aah over wool and knitting - I love it! We are, apparently, very calming. The students love watching me in the library at lunchtime too. We need to get a club going...

I'm knitting a "Ramona" at the moment - wool snaffled up at Spotlight 2 weekends ago (4 seasons pure 8ply wool - 100% Australian wool at a bargain $2.50 a ball!!)and I am (scarily) well on my way with it - one more sleeve to finish, front bands and neck and I'm done... (I know the pattern says worsted/10ply - I always take a gamble!)

I've knitted 3 scarfs - two Pimpernel Shawlettes - one for my cousin -

and one for me -
(the above wool is NZ but came from a dear friend in Sweden!). And a checkboard scarf for me knitted in Cascade 220 I bought in Wellington. (this blue and the one of the Ramona cardigan is my favourite colour at the moment!).

I, most certainly, am all about colour this year! We have had a rather old winter, so it is knitted things for me every day! My cousin and I are now going to knit each other a funky tea cosie... I still have to find a funky pattern!

And the winner of my sock giveaway is Jo - get in touch Jo, and I'll send them on your way!

With all of this knitting, I am neglecting an essay and my garden... What is everyone doing craft wise at the moment?


  1. Wow
    How exciting.
    I love knitted socks... I will email you... Thankyou

  2. I love your knitting too

  3. Gosh! just adore the colours of the yarn! I don't know much about knitting but all this looks lovely to me. I like the lacy trim,very neat.

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  4. I think a lunchtime knitting club sounds like a great idea! X