Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 27 August 2015

Seasons Swap partners

I'm still sick and will take another day off school - coughing with your ribs hurting is not fun! It twas another day of APA referencing a thesis... I am exhausted and will miss the school board meeting tonight which is not great...

Without much adieu - the seasons swap partners. Please do get in contact with me about anything around the swap - my brain is not functioning 100%! (odd number of partners, so I have two again :) - had better get cracking then!)

Kimberley and Melanie

Cat and Penny

Dotty's Daughter and Ellie Foster

Diane Crewe and Glenda (

Kaisievic and KnitBakeCultivate

KimM and Tracy

Deb Baker and kimberley


  1. Really looking forward to this swap xxx

  2. Poor you, hope you are feeling better very soon. More fun ..yippee Maria xx

  3. Dear Kimberley
    Hope you feel better very soon. I am looking forward to this swap - it should be a lot of fun!
    Best wishes

  4. Great, thank you Kimberley, looking forward to this swap! X

  5. Hope you're feeling better Kimberly. Thanks for organising. x