Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 30 August 2015

slow day

Apparently New Zealand just stopped as they announced the All Blacks rugby team for the Rugby World Cup. Not in this house. We hate it. There. Don't care. I'd like Australia to win.
We have far more important things to worry about like low wages, 30% of children in poverty, 20%  being failed in the NZ school system. But I'll just keep on banging my head against a brick wall...

Slow day here - wet and cold. Essay slowly moving forward. More letters written (August/September might be the month where I break my own record for volumes written and posted!)

Knitting moving along slowly. Loving my new stitch markers.Scrumptious morning tea from Mustard Kitchen.

 Cleaning and clearing out a bedroom while child down at the snow. (he won't miss anything!)

And that was the excitement of the day. About as exciting as that rugby team announcement!


  1. I'm with you totally Kimberley. The hype over the All Blacks is bad enough but the politicisation of them is even worse - making the announcement at Parliament! The govt are even using them for support for the flag referendum. In my opinion it's just a diversion from the things NZ should really be thinking about. Apologies for the rave. I know this is your creative blog so please feel free to delete this comment if it's too political!

    1. oh thank you! I'm all politics :) I work in education. Totally politics day in day out! Love my principal when he told me we need to get our students politicized! (they all know my thoughts around rugby!)

  2. Yes! - we totally need to teach civics at school these days. The number of young people who are disengaged from democracy is frightening - they aren't evening getting on the electoral roll, let alone getting out to vote. I realise you are at a primary school but it has to start at that age in my opinion.