Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Swaps - Dishcloth and Swap-Bot

Last weekend I discovered Swap-Bot . It is an internet based swap forum where you join up and then start participating in swaps all around the world. It uses a rating system. I have found it a bit harsh for "newbies" as in one swap I was booted off from as my profile apparently was not "full enough" for the person running the swap. I was like sheesh - I hadn't even been given the chance. So you do need a full profile. You use a pen-name, so people do not know your real name - obviously your address is given to the person who you end up swapping with. There are a multitude of different things to swap - everything from teabags, to stationery like letter sets, pens, pencils, washi tape, stickers, postcards (these are the ones I have joined with so far - normal postage stamp flat-ish mail) but mail to bring a smile to one's face. A newbie can participate in 5 swaps to start with - as soon as you send one off, you can sign up for the next one. I'm learning all the rules and regulations as I go. Hopefully I'll get some fun and useful things from all around the world!

I'm hearing that my dishcloth swap parcels are arriving around the world - yay. I had two swap partners - Maria in Wales (she has a lovely new blog here) and Teresa in Australia.

These are the things that i sent to Maria and Teresa -

NZ varieties of chocolate, two coasters of a native bird the tui and the native pohutukawa flower, Twinings NZ English breakfast tea, a tea towel from Typo and a dishcloth knitted by me. I put them in a Typo bag as well.
I enjoyed this swap a lot - I think I might have to think of another one to do this winter. Tomorrow I'll post the divine goodies that the ladies sent to me. Feeling spoilt!

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