Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 6 September 2015


Well I have sat down at the computer to write my essay - I am such a procrastinator, but it has to be done! It takes me weeks... I am weeks behind with general uni. stuff.
Yesterday it took me 3 hours to do about 6 loads of washing - semi dry on the line. I hate a laundry backlog and HATE using a clothes drier and detest even more clothes horses inside to dry it!
All dry but it'll take an hour or more to fold etc.

One child has gone to a party - I am so un-organised and had no gift and I then had a "go" at several people in the house that it should not be up to me to do present buying (or indeed a ton of laundry!) - I notice now another load of laundry has been hung out. I think it is 3 weeks till the end of the term and I can not wait. (but it will be 3 days of school stuff in hols too as I will be at conference - bad timing I think as I need a proper break!)

New stationery and new books - I am attempting to STOP at stationery and use the vast amounts I have (gifting to me is okay!) - I am jsut, in general, trying to not buy so much STUFF - I have been good this winter with only 2 merino jerseys and a bag and one pair of shoes bought and that is it!

I finally whipped in to get husband some new gumboots (good old skellerup red bands - we have given up on cheap gumboots!) and grabbed some veges/potted colour too. The garden has sat empty for months and months! (yes I like slug slam, but that will be it for the garden!). Beans, snap peas, broccolli, caulilower, coriander, chinese greens, parsley.

And as for that bedroom floor... yeah. I'm lazy and un-motivated with most stuff in my life at the moment!


  1. well you seem to be getting going now .... just keep on going xx lol x

  2. Sometimes our lovely families need a little reminder that they can 'do stuff' too! Good luck with the essay! X

  3. I love new stationary. You made a great selection. I am always on the hunt for good stationary. - peanutsmommy7 from swapbot