Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Send us Your Christmas Swap Partners

Whew. Exam over and I rally have no idea what to do now! I am having the summer semester break off which is HUGE - no study, nothing to feel guilty about for the next 3-4 months! (The guilt over-rides me when studying!!) The house might stay tidy; i can write letters (owe around 15 - eeek!); knit; scrapbook; print off hundreds of photos... what a dream coming home from work and just pottering!

Send us your Christmas Partners -

Alison and Diane

Kerrie and Tracy

Melanie and Dotty's Daughter

Sandra and Glenda (I'll e-mail you each other's details)

Kimberley and NZ Green Buttons

(odd number again, so i have two partners - yell out if there is someone else that may want to join).

Please e-mail your partner and get to know what they like or do not like. Last post off is December 5, although it does get busy, so if you are running behind, just flick your partner a quick e-mail.

Have fun! I'm off to do whatever I wish without any guilt ! :)


  1. see we are partners xx Can you let me have a contact e-mail xx

  2. Hi Kimberley, well done on getting through your studies, enjoy the break now! X

  3. Hi Kimberley...I thought I'd signed up for this - my comment is showing up on the blog post ( If there's no partner for me (esp in Europe) no mùatter, but I just wanted to check with you!