Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Happy birthday to me!

'Twas my birthday yesterday. But firstly, let us check out the pile of the year 7 end-of-school year work!

That is pretty impressive! The kid finished today and could not be any happier about that fact. He has done more work this year than probably the last 2 years at primary school combined! I think most of it will be in the recycling bin tomorrow! He may finish the school year early but his school also starts early and he is due back on January 21, 2016! I do totally concur with his teachers in that his organisation is rubbish.... his own way of filing...

Anyhow, it was my birthday yesterday. Not a huge event really. The husband took me shopping over the weekend and i chose my own gifts...
A wool winder - quite how I have ever done without one of these I'll never know! Gold! (wool was a gift too - from Vintage Purls). It was quite a spectacle in the school office after school for an hour - the office lady and I got the hank a bit muddled (anything goes at my school! :) ).

 The sweetest kiwi Christmas decorations from Pauanesia
 I love this Peruvian nativity scene from Trade Aid
 A new cross stitch kit with all the bits
 Aida and a little kiwi to cross-stitch and make into a pin cushion
 lots and lots and lots of DMC cross stitch threads to stitch these two patterns
I did very well and am very happy - a crafty birthday if you like! This will all keep me busy over the long summer hols of 6-7 weeks! The craft items were bought from the most delightful little craft shop in Queen's Arcade - the service and friendliness was fantastic! I've found my go-to-independent craft shop! Go and visit New Zealand Fabrics and Yarns in person or on-line. They do specialise in NZ made wool/fabric etc. It is always fab to buy NZ made things!
Tonight I've started TRYING to teach myself how to knit two socks at once... hmmmmm.
I'm giving myself a mental health day tomorrow - 1900 books STILL out and6 working days left - bahahahahahahaha... teachers......


  1. Happy Birthday ... you did very well xx

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your new projects and treasures :) My daughter just returned my book I have yet to use, "Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks" by Melissa looks very productive :)