Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

in the groove

Well I think we are back into the groove of the new school year.
Back into scouts - the one and only thing the boys do (soccer in winter for one). Certainly makes my life easy now. I do zero school runs, which is fab.
The days are still sunny, hot and humid. I've a wet back by 9.30am at school (even with the air con on today!) and even reading books is too hot!
I've re-arranged shelving and love it; we've dozens of new books already flying in the door; I've invited the staff here for a bbq this Friday night. (I'm trying to be more social - we are rubbish at it and I adore staying home...)
I've been stitching...
I'm not loving doing mitre corners...
I've been making more dishcloths...

We impulse sold the bunk beds on Saturday and on Sunday the kid had a new king single bed (still need to get the right size mattress) -

This room needs a paint (new walls really) and either new carpet or wooden floors polished.

The university work arrived -
And I've become obsessed with postage stamp art again - I've been participating in the Month of Letters and have written and posted a lot!

Slow lazy days really!


  1. cant accuse you of sitting back and slacking xx

  2. The cross stitch picture is very sweet. We are rubbish at socialising too. X

  3. Awww, the bunny cross stitch is so cute. You're certainly keeping yourself busy. Enjoy the bbq.

  4. Great cross stitch and dishcloths! But I do love the Year of the Monkey stamps!! Want one!! :)

  5. Fabulous stamps! I love the dishcloths, the heart ones are especially cute aren't they! Hope you find somewhere cooler to hang out. Enjoy the BBQ - we need to do more of that too, I understand! xx

  6. I love the monkey stamps!!

  7. Oh spring bunnies!!!! your stitching is marvelous.
    I like simple dishcloths only! They are my brainless work.