Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 17 April 2016

crafty makes lately

There has been a tiny bit of crafting going on. The new wool and cross stitch supplies arrived very quickly from England and Dunedin too. I have been strong and not joined up for a surprise Mother's Day (The Cat Club) package from Vintage Purls.
I've been sewing an autumn pair (cute elephants) and a winter pair (watermelons) of pj pants for me (I so do not actually need any more pairs...!).
I've actually done very little knitting in weeks and if I do pick up my knitting, it has been a row or two here and there from the Retiary pattern. My knitting is not perfect (and it is impossible to un-do virtually!), but it does look pretty impressive for me I think. I've learnt how to add beads, which is no easy-peasy. It was not at the start!
I'm going to teach myself how to dye the plain sock wool. First I need to buy some Kool-Aid from the American grocery store.
I've been essay working yesterday - yay for me. Now raining, which I love. I'm still in bed at 10.35 am.
Hello school holidays!


  1. Oh the beading looks so subtle and pretty! Good for you to learn a new skill.....I'm in the mood