Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 10 September 2016

a lovely new thing

Our new long awaited couch arrived today. It has taken a few months to get made, as it is made here in New Zealand. We looked for months trying to find the perfect couch and the difference between an overseas made one and a New Zealand one wasn't too much in the end.
I'm trying to buy as much NZ made these days as I can.
It is a seagrass colour using Warwick fabric - same fabric we used for out roman blinds and curtains throughout the house.
I've banned the grubby teens from sitting on it - ha!
My old couch has been in the school library for months and another one is in a classroom somewhere too - must track that down and plonk in the library too, after a big re-arrange of furniture there as well.

Yay for weekends and glorious weather and boo hoo for essay writing which has to get done...


  1. Your sofa looks fab. It's so incredibly hard to choose the right one x

  2. Ooh, that is lovely! I am looking for new sofas at the moment too, we have two large teenage sons and a dog- probably best to get a plastic covered sofa! Only kidding, but it is hard to choose something suitable and then keep it clean in a busy family home x