Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Knitting Works in Progress

The other day my cousin wanted to know how many knitting works in progress I had. So I went on a bit of a treasure hunt and OH MY. This is what I found...

Top to bottom -

Random knee high sock pattern from a book (which I need to find to continue). Knitted with NZ wool with a decent possum content.

A Tin Can knits sock - my first ever 8ply sock (so I added some extra wool in the heel with nylon in it). I think the heel is a bit big too in this one, but I'm not going back. I don't even remember what year I knitted this one!

Polygon - bought a new e-book last weekend and I've started making this blanket.

Falling Water - started a year ago as facebook told me the other day! Yikes. Knitted with gorgeous alpaca picked up in person in Peru by my mother in law. A pattern you pick up and do a few rows here and there. Just don't get lost or you'll never be able to work out where you were...

Memory Blanket - a great one for using up lots of random sock wool remnants. I'm knitting them individually and then in several years will sew together :). A project I only ever seem to do druing school holidays... This is a multi year long project...

Retiary - once you get the hang of this one, you are off. Learning to bead was an adventure and I have not picked this up for a while, so it might be another learning curve... One of the sock club patterns - I always buy Vintage Purls clubs, but still have to knit many of the projects...

Sock - a stock standard sock. I knit socks every day. Using Dorps yarn from the Wool Warehouse

Lodgepole hat - love this, but the pattern is awol somewhere in my paper piles... ugh - the paper (university work) is quite out of control... So I'm not sure where I was up to unless I find the pattern. Using Quince and Co (I think!) bought from Holland Road Yarn.

More random socks from Blendy Knits. Both these books are my sock bibles - they are used every single day too. Amazing patterns!

and finally (well actually, I think there may be a few random one socks from a pair out there somewhere too...)  Beech Hill. A lovely brainless knit, which I started about a month ago. Not knitting as long and probably now won't be wearing until next winter either.

I've plenty to keep on going with these school holidays... how big is your WIP basket/s ??
I think mine is pretty bad really... I shall try not to cast on anything else until I'vd finished a few of these... maybe!!


  1. I wouldn't like to count my WIP's... I'm not so good with leaving knitting though. It's always hard remembering the pattern and where I am up to...

  2. Just a few things on the go then! I have quite a few too, 6 that I can think of just off the top of my head! Enjoy yours! xx