Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 21 November 2016

oops - bit of a spend up!

I love my husband! Last Friday was the first free Friday in months from study. A girlfriend and I went shopping... we went to the first H & M opened in NZ about a month ago. Think we timed it well as queues were not bad at all - 2 shirts, 2 tees and a couple of things for family Christmas presents.
The off to the little Scholastic bookshop -

the pile for a few teenagers (most expensive book was $7 ! Most were $5!)

The one dollar pile !

The pile for school (now in the school office with me thinking about donating - or not - as I have run out of budget)...

After shopping at Scholastic with these prices, one finds it very hard to go into normal bookshops like Whitcoulls etc (but I do!). Great prices for schools at Scholastic!

The next day - a wee splurge on stationery at K-Mart. Only my 3rd time this year in there - insanely cheap! Adore the set of 3 notepads (A5 size) for letter writing especially.

Then the husband took me to Spotlight to buy my birthday gift, but I snuck a few things in on top of that....

Wool on clearance for $10 a ball; ribbons for $2

 Fabric was 30-50% off a metre -
 Christmas fabric 40% off
 This was down to $24 for me - back of the box says it was originally $125.... bargain of the year for these fat quarters.

So a successful weekend one might say; fab to catch up with a friend (and for the husband to say "one only lives once" when he saw the shopping with the friend ;) ) .

Work is tiring and very stressful (I hate this time of the year actually!) at the moment - I want the term over fast! And then 6-7 weeks of lovely holidays!
I'll be kept busy crafting to take away some of the stress!


  1. Some great shopping there. Wonderful bargains

  2. Fabulous bargains, I hope you get some proper crafting time soon x

  3. That's my kind of shopping. I can happily leave clothes shopping, I hate it, but could spend hours browsing books, stationery and yarn, even fabric though I don't sew.