Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Cousins' 24 Day Advent Calendar Swap - days 11 to 15

Lots more knitting, bike riding, reading, stitching, husband cooking dinner... just what holidays should be! I did do oodles of ironing - not sure I've reached the bottom of the ironing basket since October or something!

Following on the with cousins' Advent swap -
The following five are what I sent Jackie-
the 3rd one down is a cushion cover (I've one too); the 4th one down is something I was very proud off - ha! a year or two back, someone in a blog swap (I wish I could remember who sent it to me - I am sure it was another kiwi blogger!) sent me a wool bag - a genius of an idea where you put the ball of wool into the bag just as you are starting it and pull the end of the wool through the hole. This is particularly good for travelling (no balls of wool wandering down the plane aisle - I've had that happen to me before...!!) or for knitting multiple balls and stops the tangles. I pursued the shelves at Spotlight about a month ago and found the little tool and bits to put the hole in the bag. I'm thrilled at how they turned up and made quite a few for knitters for Christmas. I love Happy-go-knitty wool.

Jackie sent to me -

a yo-yo (I am hopeless but keep trying); a heart stress ball (perfectly timed for the end of year at school); a crochet hook - great for picking up dropped stitches in my knitting; some divine Vintage Purls wool and paperclips - always useful for my long letters to penfriends and university stuff. lots of good useful practical items!

I'm now opening the Twelve Days of Christmas swap, so I don't have withdrawal :) symptoms yet of opening a gift every day!

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