Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 22 April 2017

Easter Greetings ... a week later!

Written nearly a week ago - time in the school hols is flying! I've been away again  - this time to Christchurch, Ashburton, Temuka and Timaru. The silly thing - I left my phone charger in Dunedin two weeks ago on my last trip - well this time I left my camera on the back seat of my friend's car in Christchurch.... SIGH! Maybe my dear friend April will do an impulse trip up here to bring my camera back, following in my footsteps with the impulse trip to Dunedin/Invercargill etc to take my cousin back her I-pad she left up here... we seem a brainless lot down under! Hee hee.

GOOD news - no great news - a A- grade for one essay and an A grade for another! I'm delighted. But really the last week of the school hols will be spent belting out 2 more essays - one I've named the worst essay of my university career - it is a career for the years I've spent at university so far! This is the paper for the useless, totally absent lecturer - a whole lot of people are not happy with her... she, we've heard, is a tough cookie, so I am pleased with my A- grade from her, but zero essay back with zero comments, which is really what we look for!

Well no camera equals zero photos... if I could figure out how to use photos from my phone... not sure I am that clever!

Hope kiwis are enjoying the school hols... and others spring!


I've been lazy this Easter - it is such a low key event in our family (both extended family where 95% see it as another day and its a few chocolate eggs and that's it really!) - I didn't even climb up into the attic to get down the decorations this year.

The oldest is working 10 hours today for normal pay. He is a bit grumpy about that. Everything is shut, but it's a normal day for employees having to work - not even a public holiday. Tomorrow Monday IS a public holiday , which seems crazy when it is less religious than today! All political and traditional here really - only 16% or so go to church; under 50% are christian - I really do think our laws are a bit archaic and we are hardly a christian country. It is good though that people get to spend time with family and friends.

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