Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 18 June 2017

The Enchanting Rose's Tea and Mug Swaps

In what really seems like a century ago, I participated in The Enchanting Roses' Tea and mug swap. This meant that I had two different partners to send a tea cup plus a mug to and then also received back a tea cup and a mug from two totally different people! These two people are a total surprise until your package arrives!

Thank you to Stephanie for hosting - I am so far behind with so many things in my life due to my 55-60 hour weeks! Slowly catching up and I'm back to a 27.5 hour week which is incredible!

Stephanie herself sent me a gorgeous mug package - all beautifully wrapped with so many fun layers to open! Tea, stationery, craft items, a heart. All divine. (I could only find the wrapped pics - this is SO long ago, that everything in the package has been either used or put away to use, so it is all over the place!)

And I sent my teacup to Elisha in Queensland, Australia enclosing a dishcloth, tea towel, biscuits and tea as well.

I sent the mug to Maria in PA, USA (no blog) as well as stationery, a dishcloth, keyring, a notebook and pencil.

I also received a gorgeous teacup - just trying to find the photos!

I'll be holding my annual dishcloth swap shortly. 


  1. These are lovely gifts. I would be so worried about the mugs travelling safely all that way. x

  2. You can never ever have too many tea cups or teas if you ask me. my sister had a 50th party and she gave daffodil bulb in a tea cup as favors, I thought it was sweet!