Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 21 July 2017

Wild weather again...

New Zealand is being thrashed by wild weather again tonight. We've had diagonal rain, hail as big as marbles, high winds today.
And down in the South Island states of emergencies have just been announced due to extraordinary levels of rain and flooding - one of them is this town Timaru.
I was here (my first ever visit) during the April school holidays. It was a very fleeting visit.
A less than 24 hours visit, but enough time for me to run around the town and take a few photos of the gorgeous architecture. 
Tonight I've seen photos of flooded streets.

The country has truly been racked by hideous weather these hols and people are once again stranded far away from home, flooded out and being evacuated!

There are still people without any power from last week's storms and here we go through it all over again!

Keep safe. Stay off the roads unless you really need to, and don't attempt to drive through any floodwaters at all.

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