Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 5 October 2017

5 days in...

It's the school holidays, so technically, I'm not really unemployed until the new school term starts.
It has been a lazy five days. This morning I woke at nine, sat in bed and ate my lemon honey toast with a cup of tea, knitted and started exam study. I showered at eleven and then jumped straight back into my warm cosy bed, where I still am.
Lovely sunny day, so the windows are wide open, with the laundry on the line outside. The boys are hibernating in their rooms, but I have been a regular taxi driver the past few days too.

I've one more on-line task to do for university, but knitting and exam study appeals more. The exam is not till November 6, so I've plenty of time! I got an A grade for my essay, so am pleased.

I guess it will take some time to unwind from work, but I'll enjoy the time. I love my Wednesday night knitting group once a month, and must get out and meet up with other people and do more stuff. I've a school or two lined up for term 4 to help do volunteer work and sort out their libraries for them.

And I booked another little trip to Australia in November too. Plenty to do at home too.

Scenes from the bedroom this morning...


  1. Love all your knitting. Enjoy the time while you have it. Next year will be so different.

  2. Just discovered your blog through Jo's blog Butter Z. I vista NZ a lot so am familiar with Spotlight - what a great shop! I would love to be part of your Giveaway. One of my Patchwork friends is making a blanket like the one you are knitting.