Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 1 October 2017

My dishcloth/ mug rug swap

We've had rubbish weather today - sunny, then driving sideways rain. I've had the heatpump on and have flicked between knitting and university work. I'm hanging out for dry and warmer weather!

For this years dishcloth and mug rug swap, I partnered with the lovely Lyn in Queensland. Lyn is a non-blogger.

I sent her a couple of my knitted dishcloths (I sue the little one as  mug rug too). She loves these as does not knit.

I paired these with some hokey pokey chocolate, Twinings New Zealand breakfast tea, a tea towel from Typo and some salad servers from Kikki K.

My package arrived a couple of weeks ago. I adore Lyn's sewing. She chose a magpie and teal theme, which I loved! I adore the mug rug and the little tea holder, with Twinings Australian afternoon tea and herbal tea. I always buy tea in Australia to bring back home and the afternoon tea is one of them.
Chocolate, a pair of tongs and a tiny grater which we've used a lot with our parmesan on pasta.
And the fab mug rug (gosh I really wish I could sew like this!). I've been using the tea holder at school, taking in herbal teas from home.
There was also a divine magpie bone china mug to drink my tea in and a tea towel. Fab to have a new tea towel - I took a pile of my older ones into school for the staffroom before I left.
The butterflys will be useful over summer on glasses too. Fabulous idea.
 Thanks Lyn for another wonderful swap! I really loved the themes and colour.

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  1. Hi Kimberley!

    What lovely things you have and received. I wish I could have participated in this exchange. Who hosted it? And is it only hosted once a year?