Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 30 October 2017

sweet days at home

It's full on exam study season here - two of us doing university exams, another year 9 exams (waste of time he says) and another the first year of NCEA (NZ's high school exams, which I've mixed feelings about too).

We were surprised with this on Friday night - were only notified a week before that he was getting something at prizegiving, but since we were away, we didn't see it (and suited the kid fine , as he hates attention!). A pretty big deal in a massive school (with 600 in his year level and 3000 at the school!), but the kid said "whatever"... he cracks me up! First in an entire year is huge to his mum at least!

I've finished 3 pairs of socks in the last week - exam study and time at airports and on flights equals easy peasy! (and exam study on plane, stuck in a corner was good!!). Not all are for me. I've cast on another pair for an Aussie mate this afternoon.

The rose bush outside is something else still - I've put a few in a jar to stare at while getting junk in my head -

A cute biscuit from my favourite bookshop on Saturday. It was New Zealand Bookshop Day. I bought a few even after buying this pile in Australia last week...

 I think it's just as well I don't live in Australia as I'd have my own branch of a public library...
Books are stupidly cheap at Big W, although some of these were also found at cute little country town bookshops. There was another smaller pile for my old school too. (We were still 15kg underweight with our luggage!!)
I've a lot to read this summer...

Halloween is a non-event here - in this neighbourhood anyway. We usually get zero children door knocking - I hope the tradition continues, as I've nothing to give them anyway! My teens are too cool and their mates as well apparently and it's  a total non-event for them all too.

Ending the day with this...

Simple things like doing laundry on gorgeous days, watching the vege garden grow is perfect!


  1. lovely array of socks and I would love a book day! I have to drive 40 minutes to get to a good one :)