Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Impulse Sydney

I've been back to Australia (2 visits in 5 weeks!). My best friend from when I lived in Melbourne, Kristy, flew up to meet me there for the weekend. My flight over was delayed 2.5 hours, so I didn't get to the hotel till 9pm at night (11pm NZ time) and basically stayed on NZ time all weekend! I didn't go to bed till 3am NZ time that night!
Sydney is big. Considerably bigger than little Auckland and Auckland is NZ's biggest city (my boys think Auckland is a little town!) We walked and walked and walked all weekend. We stayed at the Meriton up by the Central train station, so it was a bit of a hike down to the harbour bridge/opera house etc. Between the Gold Coast and Sydney I bought some decent walking shoes, as my feet killed me with all the walking I did in the GC trip. What a difference decent walking shoes make!

George Street (the main street) in Sydney is a mess, as the entire thing is being ripped up for light rail. It will be brilliant when it is done, but i suspect the retailers are not happy , particularly with Christmas around the corner. I wish for Auckland to have light rail one day....

Kristy and I had such stunning weather all weekend. The humidity does not suit me, so it was 2-3 showers a day for me. Yes I know it is only early in summer....

The harbour is stunning with the bridge and opera house. We walked down via the State Library and the Botanical Gardens (both new to me) to these views on the Saturday. Kristy has lived in Sydney, so  knows her way around really well - I went to places I hadn't been to since 2003! And discovered lots of new places too. It is a marvellous city to walk through, with gorgeous buildings, a thriving nightlife (there is no way you can turn up to a restaurant at 11pm at night here in Auckland and be served, but in Sydney one can!!). The night markets were thriving in China Town at 11.30pm; huge amounts of people still out and enjoying things well after midnight - a truly international city. (but then maybe I don't get out enough in Auckland....). The vibrancy is something else.

So much to see. I'd love to see more of the suburbs and the North Shore one day.. Here's one stunning city....

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