Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 1 December 2017

The Tea Cosy, The Rocks, Sydney

A couple of days before I went to Sydney, I had a letter from an Australian penfriend telling me about The Tea Cosy in The Rocks area of Sydney. I hadn't set my phone to roaming and free wifi is stupidly hard to find in Sydney, so Kristy and I just started roaming around The Rocks until we found the place quite accidently!
It was truly divine and the perfect place for a meal - we both chose the ploughman's lunch, which was just up my alley.
I loved that every table had a communal knitting basket, so i, of course, did the obligatory few rows on a wee scarf.
It was a nooks and cranny place, on two levels, with a sweet courtyard out the back too. Lots of vintage tea  cups etc and plenty of tea cosies to buy, as well as tea.
I'd go back again! 
The Rocks is a great place to wander around - a very cool market and lovely old buildings. Very touristy, but lots to see and hours of walking down by the lovely harbour front.


  1. That sounds like a great time. How fun to do a bit of communal knitting.

  2. what a fun fun fun shop! I love when a store has some personal flair and it's even better when you have a friend who thinks like you do :)