Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Central Otago travels

I really, really need a lot more time spent in Central Otago. This is my second visit in 2 years and both were only 3-4 day trips and there is so much to see! One day we'll do the Otago Rail Trail cycle ride.

These photos were taken in the tiny township of Ophir and it's such a cute little place with gold rush history back to the 1860s. We were basically the only people around in the middle of the afternoon....
This first photo is the road up to the amazing old bridge, which is quite an engineering feat!

 I keep on missing the very limited days/times that the post office is open, but I have posted mail from here. Ophir is in the middle of absolute nowhere and is known for it's extreme temperatures in both summer and winter.

 the long roads - so, so dry.
 Cromwell town - known for its summer stone fruits and cherries

 Clyde - i was stunned at the volume of housing that has gone up here - a great drive into the township and a huge, huge dam. Known for Touch Yarns...
 the old township is stunning and has divine shops, particularly a road back. This was the middle of a weekday afternoon... it was hot so we stopped for a beer at the pub - only ones there. cars around, but few people....

 Bustling metropolis ;)
 I'd love this house, but might go a bit dippy in a tiny township...

 Ophir township.

So much history everywhere - empty roads to this Aucklander! Hot weather. Stunning scenery. I'll be back one day!

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  1. Lovely post. I’m fascinated by the South Island at the moment as my son is visiting friends in Queenstown and then hopes to do a bit of travelling around. Looks very hot in those photos. B x