Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Made by hands

Oh the heat. The heat. It's all everyone is talking about and New Zealand is heading for a record breaking month since records began in 1909. Having day after day of 27-29 here in Auckland (but feeling hotter), with extreme humidity is not normal! I've been cycling to university and getting there at 8am with a sopping wet t-shirt (back) from the humidity! That is totally stupid... I'm probably going to stop for a week or 2 or 3, as a nursing friend told me about heat stroke and was horrified at me cycling in this heat....

anyway... visits to the parents left me coming home with a pile of goodies and divine hand made items, made by my mum. And huge amounts of plums, which are now chopped and in the freezer, as it is waaaay to hot to even think about making jam!

Jams and chutneys

 a table mat -
 skating girls stitched -

 an oven mitt and a pot mitt -
 and a cute tea cosy -

Didn't I do well? And aren't they all divine things to treasure?! Very spoilt. My mum and dad split their time between two houses 6 hours apart, so Mum spends a lot of time crafting while being a car passenger. She has two houses full of crafty makes and thousands upon thousands of books at both house and 2 craft rooms too......
I love crafty makes as gifts! I'm lucky having a family who crafts - both my aunts too are hugely talented!
Have any of you just picked crafting up without having crafty family or friends? Do you make things as gifts?

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  1. What lovely things, you're very lucky indeed. Knitting was the only craft my mum engaged in but she put her needles down a long time ago. She's always interested in what I'm making though and loves to be on the receiving end of my makes.