Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 6 August 2018


It's Monday morning. It's a rather cold and overcast day, but I've still hung the laundry outside. I hang it outside year round - it eventually gets dry or dryish. I usually hang it outside at 10pm at night - even if we are a damp city and regularly get fog - it's outside for the promised sunny weather the next day. I've a clothes drier which i use maybe once a week at that...

I rather like my university schedule. I don't have to be at uni until 1pm Monday and Thursdays and then it si only for 1.5 hours! Wednesday is my one 8.30 am start, but then i finish lectures at 4.30pm (it's a long day sitting and listening). Friday I start at 10.30 (also pretty civilised) and finish at 4.30pm too, but it's a workshop day, so a bit more of using the brain, talking etc.

It has taken me about two weeks to *kind of* get back into the swing of uni. The study schedule is 3 papers less that last semester, so the study/rest of life stuff should be a lot easier!  I still feel like I'm on holiday, but then this year has been anything but ordinary and I'm not sure what ordinary is really like anymore anyway! It'll take a lot of time i guess.

I'm living the simple life, doing what I have to do and doing it to how I want to do it. We're not being very social, just laying low, living day to to day and it rather suits me. The teens are all pretty low key too - few disagreements, as long as they have some money and do the odd thing with mates over weekends etc, all seems to just plod along. No dramas. Just a smooth daily life really. I think I've had enough events for the year really.....

And I'm sick. Ba humbug. Pretty good I guess getting to August and having my first sick day of the year really!

Photos from the weekend -

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