Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 1 October 2018


Thank you so much everyone for your lovely wishes re my new job! I'm thrilled! I'm filling in the oodles of paperwork for it right now.

University is OVER! Like, as in, no more lectures or assignments! I'm waiting for something like 10 or so assignment grades to come back, then final grades!
The maths exam was *okay*. I've honestly no idea how I've done.... It was a fair test and I stayed the entire time. My great mates were waiting for me to finish and then we walked down to the pub (well I walked to the pub via the bookshop....)

I've finished these and in 24 hours have finished another one too, and then cast on my next one! I'm making a few for Christmas gifts as people have gone ga-ga over them! (They're fruit and vege bags for the supermarket).
I actually went to the supermarket for the first time in a month today too! It was all about uni the last month or so...! My husband does so much for me!

I've written about 10 letters since Thursday night too - this was today's pile going out...
 I went here today - ugh - not sure what it more traumatic - teeth cleaning or maths exams....
 And OH MY - I'm SOOOOOOOO excited about this! I won tickets to see the incredible Australian singer Paul Kelly at Neil Finn's studio on Friday night - oh my! This is going to be wonderful!!
 Spring has sprung!

 And a cheeky little impulse purchase from Kate Sylvester yesterday - I'm in love with it!

 And I started reading this! I am even more outraged with the Australian government and their treatment of refugees - I got to page 10 and had to stop reading! It's unbelievable that what is in this book is actually happening! I've since picked it up and it's harrowing reading! My dear twin brother bought it back from Australia for me last weekend.
 Sorting out magnetic lettering...

And I can't believe i have no more uni work to do. And I've 2 weeks of freedom to do whatever I want , when!!! Yippee.

I actually did skip across the campus on Thursday after exam and yell out yeehah when I saw my mates :) !

Happy week everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you are in a great place at the moment