Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 22 October 2018

South Island trip

Life for me is run on impulse! My cousin who lives in the South Island suggested a couple of weeks ago to come and visit her a week later. I was on 2 weeks of school hols, so thought what the heck and booked some flights! I'm lucky I've teens who are independent and can do their own thing!
I flew into Christchurch - these photos are taken over the South Island. I spent a night catching up with a Christchurch friend, and drove out of Christchurch the next morning without really seeing any of the city. My cousin drove up from Dunedin to pick me up and we spent the next 2 days meandering down the South Island through little townships, back to Dunedin!

 Man, petrol is expensive in the South Island! Yes Australians, this is what we are paying over the ditch! Up north it is around $2.37 a litre at the moment....
 First stop outside of Christchurch was to buy a packet of broken biscuits from Cookie Time. These biscuits are good, but evil. Guess what the teens want for Christmas? Luckily they do mail order!
 And then driving along to Ashburton, where the stunning Ashford wool and spinning shop is. Ashford is known worldwide for their spinning wheels and weaving looms. The shop is heaven! And believe it or not, I actually walked out of there without spending a cent on any wool or anything else! I did have an afghan at their delicious cafe, which is worth a visit alone if you are not into wool hoarding...

 Love this....

Our destination for the next 24 hours was the delightful (and new to me) South Canterbury township of Geraldine! Oh my gosh - it was such an incredible little township! I could seriously have knocked off all my Christmas shopping in this little country town! It was wonderful! We had lunch at Nosh for $13 each - beautiful food and gardens and spring blossoms!

 I was over the moon to find a New Zealand made shop full of goodies and picked up this cheesecutter hat for the 14 year old for his upcoming birthday. I was thrilled, as it is hard to buy teenage boys gifts I think!! These are made here in New Zealand by Hills Hats.  It was an amazing shop full of NZ made things! Decent quality, which can be hard to find these days!
 And socks to send to my sister-in-law in Switzerland!
 We found the giant jersey in the Geraldine visitor's centre.
 And a few photos from around town - We stayed in the just opened motel Black on Grey, which I highly recommend!

Geraldine is also known for Barkers - there is a fabulous factory shop there. Plus Talbot Forest Cheese, of which some came home with me too! Such a sweet little town, with plenty to do and see! Lots more photos to come of the next 2 days!


  1. What a fantastic trip. I can only dream of visiting the Ashford shop. So glad you had a wonderful time.

  2. What a treat to visit the Ashford shop. Such a lovely trip.