Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 21 December 2018

Christmas Spirit

I'm not sure where it has gone. I've done nothing. No gift buying or anything. No food shopping or even much thinking about it. No tree.  And family are here too in 3 days. I really just want to go to sleep for days. I'm whacked!
I've been doing round trips to school twice a day as the teens have been paid to do gardening there. They've done a fabulous job. It's quite funny - they get paid, but this teacher who has spent days in her classroom organising it for 2019, gets zilch pay. What other job requires beginning staff to be ready for day one term one of a new school year and not get paid until students arrive?
I'm already freaking out - all the planning to be sorted for a entire week and ready to teach fully from day one!
But my classroom looks fab I think - furniture in the middle ready for carpet cleaners over summer.
Here's a collection of photos taken over the last week - I was the only teacher in the school! All NZ schools are now on 6-8 week summer hols! I'm due back at school by January 17.... that is early, but all schools operate as individuals in NZ - 2 teacher induction days. Students come in on January 29. It's all exciting, but i have to make myself have a holiday!

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