Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 3 April 2020

a week later

My goodness! I can't believe it was a week ago that I was last here. Plenty of hours to be here more regularly!

My days are filled with knitting....

This is my Northeasterly remnants sock wool blanket. I have no idea when I actually started this.... but it id getting a good working for hours again now! Still seems to be a lot of sock wool to get through..... another row has been completed since this photo was taken. I am using wool that Christina sent me years ago too - she has probably forgotten! Lots of different shades of pinks/reds especially.

I finished my "Timely" cardigan - knitted in 2 skeinz 4 ply wool (they have actually been approved by the government as an "essential business" - I've truly mixed feelings about this. I've plenty of wool at home and won't be buying any at this time.. i'm not sure wool really is essential. I know knitting is good for well being, but still....). I do love it. It' still like summer here in the north of New Zealand anyway, so I don't know when I'll wear woollens (I did plenty of that in Europe in my very limited wardrobe in December/January BUT wearing possum was FAR TOO HOT even in low temperatures I found for me!).

I spent quite a bit of yesterday putting together individualised packets of school work and fun stuff for students - it's been mailed , but how long it may take to get to their houses, who knows. I've had no mail for nearly 2 weeks and have only 3 letters left to answer.... My students have zero tech or internet at their houses - the great divide in New Zealand education.... I feel so stink about this, but can only post them work - when my stamps run out, that's it.... (not too keen on boys having to ask for stamps at supermarket....).

Oh what very strange times. Life will change. Every day we hear of people losing their jobs. I do feel very lucky and in a position of privilege being a teacher!

I hope everyone is managing to keep safe and has plenty of books, paper, wool, craft materials in their home.  Flour?!? We were lucky to get a small bag the other day!


  1. Your blanket looks great Kimberly, I really like the chevron kind of pattern. I am glad my yarn is useful. I am not knitting many socks these days... gone of the idea somehow. Fingers crossed your pupils get their learning packs soon. Keeping the young ones occupied is hard work and any help will be appreciated. Take care x

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