Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 23 January 2012

Lazy days

Spending 3 hours at work and then it is just myself and one child at the house which is being renovated a bit more day by day! About 6 guys here today all doing their thing - wow - we have 6 power points in the bedroom alone!!!
The other 2 children are over on the Shore. I will start school full-time on Thursday ; eldest starts tomorrow - still need to get his textbooks from the university bookshop tomorrow.
And the 2 younger donot start their school until next Thursday - welcome to independently run schools in New Zealand! No overpaid administrators or superintendents here thank you very much!!

So it has been hours of photo developing; figuring out how to start a crochet square in the rounds after not having done if for a while; grocery shopping; cleaning; more cleaning; out a house we haven't been in for 2 weeks and OH! - a school library blog up and running too! Yay!

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