Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 6 February 2012

Long weekend over

had our 2nd long weekend in a row. It was Waitangi Day in NZ - a treaty was signed back in 1840 and it is a public holiday here. The significance for most New Zealanders is a day off work. We are mostly not a patirotic bunch and there is no flag waving. If anything it is a day of protests.  I'm afraid i have forgotten mostly what the treaty is about and need to do some reading of Claudia Orange's Treaty of Waitangi which has sat on my bookcase for years.  I am sure that ti will be covered in my Mauri Ora course in time.

It has been a weekend of some scrapbooking, but I didn't really have the creative juices flowing so packed it up. I usually only do it 3-4 times a year now and do 50 plus pages. Did possibly 20 very quick plonk day pages from our Netherlands trip but it needs the journalling still and they are average pages...

had the headline letter in the NZ Herald today too - about cycling in the Netherlands and how cyclists rule over cars - how I wish it was so here! Actaully went for a cycle up to Mt Eden today too!

How we are living at the moment:
 new gorgeous bath tub in bedroom
 looking up to new extension
 new 2 nd bathroom tiles (huge bathroom!)
 new bedroom
 laundry in kitchen
 sunlight in new bedroom
 dishclothes I knitted/crocheted in use!
 yummy mini banana loaves - great for school lunches!
 linen cupboard in 2nd lounge
 choosing paint colours!
 new tiles in 2nd bathroom
 i make a mess when baking!
baking mess!

I am now un-ravelling a jersey for 2nd child which I started last year. Having to un-ravel to put stripes in sleeves as have run out of wool of main colour and sicne I bought it many years ago, am unable to get same wool! I hope this works!!! Still need to finish socks and round scarf!

4 day week coming up - yippee! At least I have sorted piles of books on my library desk!

have a good week - Kimberley

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  1. Mmmm...I think I shall make some banana loaves, too. That tub looks pretty cozy!