Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Travelling kiwis

Just having a great on- line conversation with an American friend tonight. We were chatting about how we travel. She asked when was I arriving for Thanksgiving and I asked where the bed was. She said a tent in the yard but was joking! Seriously though , guests there go to hotel rooms.
That is fine but made me think about the differences between how kiwis
(and Australians) travel. We go and stay with friends and family worldwide and will sleep on the floor, a couch , backyard etc etc
Heck - we have even slept in the luggage room at the York Youth Hostel once due to a muck up in bookings!

Do we really travel that differently? Are we more easy going? More laid back and will just accept having people drop into our house and sleep where ever we can plonk them? Not so fussed about so many star accomodation?

It does seem we just up and go and travel a lot more simpler and basic - am I right?

I do love 5 star hotels with the husband but am equally at home at a camping ground (although usually in a cabin with an ensuite )...


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