Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Stationery Hoarder

I am self confessed stationery - more in particular writing paper/ card note sets / hoarder!
I am a huge letter writer and have had many of my penfriends for years.
(I am always on the look out for more penfriends too, so if interested get in touch! :)

I have the largest stationery collection of anyone I know. Want to have a look? Yes I can see the stunned look on your face! :) quite surprising in some ways as New Zealand is utter RUBBISH when it comes to gorgeous stationery . Yes I will buy notepaper even from the $2 shop, but find it very hard to get gorgeous stuff anywhere for a price that I am prepared to pay! There are a couple of divine stationery shops round town (Paper Passion in Parnell anyone just off High Street in the city) , but they want absolute daylight robbery for imported stationery and I refuse to buy to pay inflated prices. (much like everything in this country really but that is another story...)
Kikki- K had for years lovely sets and I still have the collection of them. At the moment they have quite sweet notepads which I do use for letter writing and some around the $50 mark....
I can find the odd gem in Typo too, but writing sets can be rare there. They do masses of gorgeous notebooks and Smiggle too.

Let's have a look shall we? In my bedroom, I have my sitting corner with my lovely birthday chair.
Next to that is the writing paper bookcase with all sorts of goodies. On the other side are two boxes with a lot of note sets and paper in (I didn't open those for a pic though) and over on the other side we have the current basket of what I go for t the moment! I adore Phoenix Stationery from England too and now have a friend selling it- I think I virtually have nearly every postcard set of there's going... My sister in law, when she lived in England, used to sell it too, so I have a collection going back many many years!

Then we walk out into the lounge and under my writing desk (which I rarely sit at) is another box of the stuff....

I have so many favourites - love the USA Crane stuff and Smythson of Bond Street in London too.

And yes - I am always thrilled to get more stationery as gifts!!! The husband doesn't quite get it though - hee hee.... When travelling I usually always bring back one or two sets from overseas too - England is amazing and David Jones in Australia and even Target sometimes too!

So there you go - my hidden obsession! I must say that I have to written a lot in the past week - have been knitting and cross stitching more!

What is your hidden stash? I have a wool one too- adore, adore, adore sock wool t the moment !


  1. That's an impressive stash Kimberley. I don't have a single space in our home that is just my space so I don't really have too much of a stash of anything. Though my stuff is pretty much spread all over the house.

  2. Wow, you certainly do have a huge stash of stationery, I'm envious. I used to be a Phoenix Trader and I adore their stuff too, have loads of stock left over from my trading days. I also have a stash of knitting yarn. Are you sure you're not my long lost twin sister?
    Have a great day.
    Joy xx

    1. I have a twin brother Joy! I wonder what it would have been like with a twin sister? Jealous of your Phoenix stash! Maybe we could do a swap one day - NZ wool for UK wool/ stationery :)

  3. I know where u are coming fromi have such an obsession for stationary
    Too although I must say not to the same extreme as you! Lol