Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 31 January 2013

Another sock finished!

I am feeling a bit better today - think I have the drug taking under control!!! Still another week or so off work to go though!

I finished a sock tonight! This one was knitted with BFL wool - new wool to me. BFL is wool from a blue faced Leicester sheep (oh I remember red Leicester cheese in England - yum - might even see if I can track some down in NZ!). It is a long wool breed of sheep originally from Northumberland and has curly threadlike wool , which is considerably much lighter wool than other breeds. The sheep has no wool on its head or neck!
It does apparently have less spring and elasticity than merino wool.

I bought this wool from "Happy Go Knitty" at Crafternoon tea , a monthly handmade market held in the Methodist Church in Kingsland. Loved knitting it - it is a self striping wool too, which I have never knitted before and is quite groovy to watch as you knit along.

I think I have decided that I like just knitting plain socks - this is number 4 sock since the beginning of December! See what long school summer holidays and getting your tonsils out can achieve? So I just need to knit the other matching one and the matching one of another one too. T least Kieran has a pair! He has been wearing them to bed - it is summer!!! He loves them!!

Any sock knitters out there? I am a wee bit addicted to sock wool ..... Love seeing how it all knits up!


  1. Hello Kimberley
    They look lovely and snug...and warm....I so love warm socks and soft wool ones. I also like the bright combination of colours.
    I am a crochet addict and cannot knit. I did try crochet socks....wasn't really sock looking when I had finished the first one. I've put it down to try at a later date...sigh!

    Hopw you are feeling better.

    Amanda :-)

  2. Hope your recovery is going well and you are loaded up with crafty projects to distract you from your sore throat. My boy had his tonsils out at two and the recovery was nasty, and he had endone to distract him! mel x