Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Gadget for Kitchen Swap

The kid taught me how to make a gadget for the Kitchen Sawp. I guess you can now add this to your blog to tell other bloggers about it? This is all so new to me!

Quiet weekend - stunning weather in Auckland which really has been TOO hot and I have rarely stepped out side - sat inside with bi-fold windows and french doors open with fan on!
Carried on with my knittting of the shawlette - lots of knitting and un-doing and knitting and un-doing....
Finished another sock and started a new one as well!

We have painted another set of bedroom windows too - one more room to go!

Lazy weekend really - bbq to finish it off! Sydney next weekend - looking on wotif for cheap hotel prices - cheap and Sydney do not go together! Am leaving it up to my Melbourne mate to sort it out!

happy weekending everyone!

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