Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Most people

Most people would think I am very lucky sitting here for the 3rd day in a row knitting, cross stitching, reading, knitting, writing letters and more knitting! (boys are brilliant at doing their own thing...)
Day 3 of the school hols with hideous weather! Really it is just best to stay in and do all of the above!

I am bored though! I know people who have jetted off to London and Amsterdam and Istanbul and China and Vietnam these hols. Sigh.

I did go to the dentist today! I need two little fillings and will also get a clean but after not having gone for several years and only having one filling at the moment , it is okay. It will take my entire week's wages to pay for it ... Dentist bills are shocking in NZ!

Joshua and I suburb hopped on Monday to Ellerslie - I am attempting to go to suburbs that i do not usually go to. Dang - I forgot the camera! Great embroidery shop, butchers, incredible magazine newsagent with back issues galore!!! Bought a new pattern and some threads - it is the best embroidery shop I have come across anywhere !

Tomorrow we might go to Karekare for a day or two - raining or not!

Low on photos at the moment ! It is all rain anyhow!

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  1. Shame about the weather, we had the same for the Feb and Easter school hols....but at least you seem to have done a lot of 'crafting'!! I also forget my camera when I go the good places, it's sooo annoying, isn't it!! :)