Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bits and Pieces

A new school term. Walking around my library looking at it and moving things around. Looking at some fiction which sits for months on shelves with no issues and wandering how to promote.

Making won tons - were so-so.

Cousins reading together.

Messy kitchen. (yes - keeping it very real!!!)

To much laundry to catch up on already!

First fire of the winter season a freezing yesterday and 23 degrees today!

Chocolate self saucing pudding which I (surprise) seem to have no taste for any longer.


  1. A messy kitchen is homely... well that's what I say!! At least you can see your worktops, which is more than you can say for my kitchen!! And that pud looks the business!! :)

  2. Yes, kitchens are ridiculously real aren't they. We love choc self-saucing pudding, it's one of the few things the kids will make if I don't want to.