Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Planning to

Fold up lots of laundry
Another 4 loads on clothesline
Get a kid to clean this room up (he was so good until he started the next school and voompf! His life is crazy!!!)
Roses. Gorgeous $12.99 roses from The Warehouse. Went up to buy kindling - we have lots of fire wood but no kindling and too lazy to chop some... Came home with roses , mugs for school at $1.29 each, NZ made at $1.50/2.50 (great for swaps - might grab a few more), Halloween items sooooo cheap (swap items) and the Adele cd.
Beautiful Saturday.
Apple mac and other e- waste disposed of and collecting items for our forthcoming inorganic collection. (every year or two the council collects everything from old fridges, couches, bbqs etc!)
Loving my new NZ made tights.

Off now to shop for me for Mother's Day!

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