Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 20 May 2013


Happy 12th birthday to Kieran. Born 2.5 weeks early (and quite frankly lucky I went to the hospital as my placenta had come away and his kicks were getting less and less.... This never hit me until the first day of school for him and I cried and cried and cried ), screamed for the first 5 months and the took till 11.5 months to sleep through the night and was hospitalised twice too in his first year with bronchiolitis !

Our cruisy kid, over- scheduled but when he is knot everything in a huge way, what do you do?? (thankfully the other two do zilch activities by their choice!). A perfectionist!

Rest of the weekend - sorting out old toys to take to school and BARGAIN book buying at Scholastic - a BOX of books started at $20 and by Sunday afternoon was down to $5 - huge amount for school!!!!!
Just a few for home.
This even I have had another good clear out of the boy's bookcases once again! I have boxes and boxes of childhood books up in the attic but cannot throw them out. As they get older , we do keep less.

What do you keep from your children's childhoods? 


  1. Happy birthday Kieran I hope you had a fab day xx
    There are childhood (mine & the kids)) books that I can't bear to part with but I have to confess to keeping the kids baby teeth (don't ask me why) not sure what I plan to do with them!!!

  2. Damn - knew I should have gone back to Scholastic on Sunday. What a great deal you got. Happy Birthday to Keiran.