Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 17 May 2013

Week's End

Winter blankets out for the boys-  crocheted ones and quilts both made by my mum.
Loving new magazine (3 hours pay for these! Did get the husband a computer one too.) Outrageous cost in NZ!

Loving tulips .

It is bucketing down ! We go from the worst drought in 70 years to rain, rain, rain and decent rain! I need to get my winter vege garden planted too as it is also still quite warm!

Dinners this week - orzo salad and chickpea, feta and spinach parcels - neither eaten by the boys who got themselves something else! This bugs me when they will not eat it!!

Goodness this new layout for blogging on the I- pad is doing my head in but practice will make perfect!

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