Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Jetstar - no star in their service

Due to fly out 9pm.
Receive text message new flight 10.30pm.
Continually look at website and flight gets pushed out and out till 1.30am.
Do domestic flights really fly into Christchurch at 1.30am.
Ring them and talk to robot - yes flight still on.
Ring a bit later bang on at 10.30 pm and talk to real person.
Told that my flight is going right now and to disregard their updates on computer.
People should only follow text messages as that was last personal message to you.
Drive out to airport - thankfully not too far away.
Yes flight still on.
Get luggage.
Come back in and flight at 2.30am...
queue up with A LOT of people - then find out most of these poor people have had their luggage left behind in their original destination.
Three staff on and had to call someone to deal with people trying to get on flights and not luggage .
Book in , go upstairs, realise put book and writing paper into suitcase.
Go to sleep. (by then the domestic terminal closed and turned into hotel.)
Rudely woken at 1.15 am to say flight CANCELLED.
Tosses. Knew hours before that due to crew hours, we would not be flying.
Option of hotel and flight at 12.30 pm today and a $100 voucher.
NOPE - I want more than a crazy 24 hours in Christchurch...
Then the idiots would not re- book me in a few weeks.
Home sad.

Customer service appalling!!!!!!!!!

I fly with them in 3 weeks to Wellington to school library conference...


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  1. What a let down Kimberley....and a mess!! That airline sounds like the NZ equivalent of Ryan Air here.
    Do hope you manage to get your visit to your friend organised in the near future.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)