Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 23 June 2013

Matariki Crafting

"Stuck" at home (so disappointed about missing my Christchurch weekend), I finally finished off a big cross stitch I started in January!
It is called "favourite things" (summer) and I love it! Worked slowly over weeks , but I really could have finished it moths ago if I had not knitted so much. ;)

The pattern can be bought through Liz at The Stitchsmith. I first met the lovely Liz at the missed "little craft store" in Pt Chevalier where I took one of her embroidery classes. 
Her kits are beautiful! I have several bought but still to make...

Her designs are contemporary and include needlepoint, cross stitch, embroidery, kits, patterns and charts and stitching accessories. Have a look at her website -

Now to decide what colour to get this work framed in - the husband thinks a nice bright cherry yellow.
What do you think?  (I leave the ironing of my work to the professional framers!:) )


  1. What a great pattern, I'll definitely have to check out her work! Love the bright colours.
    A coloured frame sounds like a great idea, you could pick out virtually any of those colours, I guess it depends where you are going to hang it...
    Thanks for linking in with Matariki Crafting

  2. That Rad!~ I would make it into a cushion personally :p You've reminded me I really must track down a framer for a cross stitch I have sitting in the cupboard

  3. i love this! i'd really like to learn to cross stitch and embroider properly. yellow would be perfect x